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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My OP Blocks - Woot!

Gosh I was up late last night to catch up on the OP block challenge, but I did get 2 blocks made. Can't promise how much farther I'll get as in moments I'm scooting out the door to meet my quilt buddies for some light shopping and lunch. Then we have a guest coming for dinner tonight, might be another late one! Don't you love the orange!


Bonnie said...

Love your OP blocks! I just got back from a visit to Naples last week and am back at home....in Wisconsin! Hi to a former cheesehead! We're in the middle (er, I mean end) of winter (hopefully end). It was fun to visit sunny warm Naples! I've got 6 OP blocks done...it's been fun! I'm bookmarking your blog!

bestjlb said...

Love your blocks and all the orange! I must admit that I haven't ever disliked orange, but I haven't been a huge fan either. That is, until my niece, now 25, made me a fan. She loves orange and pink together. I grew up at a time when those colors "didn't mix." Quilting has really opened my eyes as has this younger and in some ways smarter generation! Great blog, too! Thanks! Janet in Kentucky

Quilted Bear said...

Well you're one block ahead of me!! I'm going to cut out as many blocks as I can this afternoon and then start sewing tonight... Keeping fingers crossed! :)

Carrie P. said...

Your blocks are fantastic.