Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A peck of pickled peppers?

Well, no not pickled but, Hooray! At long last I have harvested our first bell pepper today. I planted the seeds late September and then the squash kind of took over the peppers. Now that the squash has gone on hiatus the peppers have begun to flourish. There are at least 7 to 10 baby peppers hanging from the 2 plants and tonight I needed a green pepper for a casserole I was making for dinner. How nice to walk outside and pick one off the plant. Granted it wasn't very large but it was more than enough for tonight's recipe and it was such a tasty pepper too. I know, there are avid gardeners out there having a good chuckle over my measly little garden, but for me it's huge. I have a nice crop of basil going and used some in a hearty pot of leek and potato soup on Monday. I have also planted a grape tomato and a regular tomato plant and a jalapeno pepper plant. I also sowed some green onion seeds a few days ago and they are sprouting already. My late mother-in-law would be so proud. She had a green thumb that wouldn't quit. I swear she could have probably grown watermelon in the Sahara. Tomorrow I am going to plant some spinach and cilantro seeds. Gosh, maybe I need to get a pair of overalls.

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