Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Friends, best intentions, and lint

Well, I warned you I was a procrastinator didn't I?
Yes, I know it's the 1st week of March and I should be starting my BFF giveaway. I know what the giveaway prize will be. Shhh, it's a secret for now. Sorry to postpone this for a couple of days but I have been soooo busy this past week that I have yet to stage the prize and take the picture so I can post it. I am trying to get another BFF Dresses & do's model finished, finishing up the first companion pattern with additional outfits, getting the guest room ready for my parents coming to visit, laundry, washing the car, dusting (yuck), shipping orders, all that fun glamorous stuff. Tomorrow I am helping hubby with a project in the morning and then it's off to quilting night with some of my BFF's. So it looks like Sunday will be the kick off for the giveaway and for making you wait I'll add something extra. Now I have to go clean the lint out of my sewing machine.


Kwiltsfl said...

You clean out your machine now? ha ha!

cathi said...

Is this the second time or the third for that????? I can't wait for the unveiling of your other big project this week! Your bloggers want to see!