Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Jar

As my mom & I got to talking about the project jar we threw around a few ideas. Such as....
what size jar should it be? My jar should be ginourmous but I decided on a Cheese Whiz jar.
(Yes Cheese Whiz, I'll post the yummy recipe that uses it.)
Then of course you can't just have a plain old jar sitting around. You want it to be enticing so you'll want to go pick out a project. That's the whole idea right? Then too, you have to decide what to write your projects on. If you have a pretty jar you're going to want pretty paper too. I've already laid out a few to choose from. What do you think?
So, back to the jar......I have my jar and have decided to decorate it hmmmm.
I pulled out my fabric CD ( Push-button Prints), chose a print (this one is called "Nexus"),
pulled out some printable peel and stick fabric, some trim and voila, here's my enticing new jar!

Now then, I was asked about the rules. Yes, there are rules...........and more!

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