Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Recently during an out to lunch with some of my BFF's we got to talking about wanting to play around with some new quilting techniques and doing something "outside of the box".
So I tore some paper strips and wrote down 5 different themes. We decided we'd pick one out of the "hat" and make a small quilt by July 1st. I know, I know, many quilters can whip out an assignment like this in a day, or a week at best. Well, what can I say, we just didn't want that pressure stifling our creativity ~ LOL
So we decided we could handle a quilt-a-month. The "theme" or inspiration that got picked out of the hat for this months quilt is migration.

If I can talk my friends into it, I will post their quilts here as well as mine when we finish them.
I better get busy, but first I need to step outside and pick a few gardenias. Our tree is blooming and I am loving it.


Darlee Byron said...

I love your ideas!! I enjoy your blog and see your creative work inspiring.

Try not to measure your own success with someone else's yardstick. Do what brings you joy.

Linda Zokan said...

Thanks so much Darlee and you speak with wisdom about staying true to your own joy. Glad you made your project jar. I'd love to see it. E-mail me a pic and I'll post it if you want to share it.

Kwiltsfl said...

Post our quilts publicly? Thud! (that's me fainting...)