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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Shhh, don't tell anyone but yes I can do hems too.

About a week ago hubby and I were out and about and I found this pretty aqua top for an unbelievable bargain so I scooped it up with out trying it on first. Well, as luck would have it, it fit ~ except for the length. If I were a (much) braver and (much) fitter woman I suppose I could wear it as a dress, it was that long! However, being neither of the aforementioned, I had no choice but to shorten it. I haven't hemmed something knit in quite some time but thankfully it all came back to me, I dug out a stretch needle, found the correct stitch on my machine and now I have a top instead of a dress. I guess one hem now and then isn't too traumatic for a quilter.
Quick where's the chocolate?


Chris said...

Hemming has to be my least favorite sewing task too. Early in our marriage I taught my husband how to use the blind hem stitch on my sewing machine. He has never asked me to hem another pair of pants :)

Kwiltsfl said...

Yay - now I know who to go to if I want to learn to hem something knit! I hate hemming, too. And Tom just got a pair of pants he wants me to hem.......

Darlee Byron said...

I certainly agree... hemming is one of those skills you leave off your resume!!

Cool idea, Chris. I'm not sure if that one would work for me, though.