Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Studio time

I did it ~ I set aside a couple of hours today and made it into the studio to PLAY!
I gathered up some fabrics and such and actually started in on my migration quilt. (See May 27th post)
When we decided to do this little project we made it easy and said anything goes as far as techniques, fabrics, color, etc. We also decided to keep the project small. Gosh we should have had these done already with easy rules like that.
Oh well, so it goes. Anyway, I have some beautiful white silk that someone gave me and I've been wanting to use it in something so I am incorporating that. Then my friend Marti loaned me her paintstix to play with and I plan on using those also. Here I go.....

I really like this fabric with the circles, I've had it for awhile and I only have a small amount, I should have bought more - oh well. There's some of the white silk in the last image.
I'll be back in a day or two to show you my progress or lack thereof .


cathi said...

Look at you, you've started!! I actually fused the top to the fast 2 fuse today while I was at home with the a/c repair guy! I switched my idea for backing so that isn't done yet. I'm fairly nervous about the machine quilting part!!!
Silk and paintstiks--I'm feeling intimidated!! LOL

Kwiltsfl said...

I'm on beyond intimidated. You mean we actually are supposed to do our assignments?