Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's blooming besides the paperwork on my desk?

I think the stacks of paperwork in my office are procreating as I sleep. Actually, I am making a dent as it is too hot do anything outside for any length of time. The air is thick and sticky and I begin to wilt within minutes of stepping out. Our plants however, are loving the hot, humid sultry days of July in South Florida. We planted a small cactus in a pot on our deck a couple of years ago and it now towers over everything. The flower buds sprout in June and we usually get about a dozen or so.
Check out the buds thus year - I counted 65 on one stalk!

This cactus (don't ask me what kind it is) only blooms at night and the flowers last only one night. By late morning they close and start to shrivel up. But oh my goodness, what beautiful blossoms they are while they last.

Around the other corner of the house, our Bird of Paradise is also blooming profusely!
It is also inspiring me.
Ohhh, I can't wait to get my paperwork all done, and my website makeover, so I can get back in the studio.


Chris said...

we used to grow a cactus like that in our house. I had no idea it would bloom so spectacularly. Wow!

Darlee Byron said...

Love the flowers... I have not seen a cactus so tall and with such lovely blossoms. Very inspiring, best of speed in your present endeavours.

Peggy Kemp said...

I think it's called a night-blooming cereus. If you google it in images, there are many pictures.