Thursday, September 17, 2009

the art of bras and snacking

I finally put the finishing touches on my "Artful Bra" for the fundraiser and shipped it off to my friends gallery. I'm calling this one "Petal Push-up". It was so much fun to make I am going to suggest it as an idea for our quilt show next year. We always auction off mini quilts for Breast Cancer research and I think this would be a great addition to that. Anyway, I hope it brings in some money for the fundraiser. Needless to say it caused several fits of giggles during retreat, especially when it was modeled (no pictures available) ROTFLOL.

Of course the chocolate and sugar intake at retreat was pretty high as evidenced by the snack table. Actually, I think I saw the table legs start to buckle. It was a group effort after all and we did have a nice variety.
It looks worse than it really was, there were leftovers, (well, a few) and we did frequent the salad bar at mealtime!

Hmmm, maybe that's why we got so much done at retreat.
Cathi made this fabulous series of small pieces with her growing collection of Cherrywood hand dyed solids. So cool, can't wait to see them finished.

I also took along my collection of black & white fabrics and had fun with them. I'll show you when they're done. (don't hold your breath)

Karen made a fun assortment of pillowcases, more on that when she sends me the pics.
hint - hint.
Peggy was stitching so fast I couldn't keep up with her projects, but this is the first one out of the machine. Stay tuned.....


cathi said...

I just want to say that "someone" might have a picture of the bra being modeled---just saying!!!! ROTFLMAO!!! And that snack table does look bad, but i'm not sure you got all of it in that picture!!!
The bra ended up looking really great! I love the ladybug and the caterpillar eyes! It turned out great!

Sara said...

I think that it is great that you are doing a wonderful job with the Artful Bras...they are neat...

And, yours is lovely!

Melinda Cornish said...

love, love, love the bra!!!!!!!