Friday, January 8, 2010

Iron butterfly

No - not the group that did "In- A Gadda- Da-Vida" , although that is a rock classic.
I received a very special hand wrought iron butterfly garden sculpture from my DH for Christmas!
He is oh so handy and he made me this delightful sculpture out of one continuous piece of iron rebar. No an easy feat if you've ever worked with rebar. I love the little brass antennas and the fact that he went into one of the butterfly books and picked out the one he wanted to make. it's a Citrus swallowtail. The citrus swallowtail is a tailless swallowtail (go figure)
and it is black with yellow markings - just like mine!
I am playing with where to put it in the yard, there are so many possibilities. It will probably be moved more than once and flit about as any butterfly would.
We also are finally getting around to de-Christmas-ing the house. We've been so busy lately which is why you haven't heard much from me lately. January is going to go zipping by at a record pace the way things are going.

I just finished up a new pattern (more on that soon) and getting class samples ready for Shibori classes I'll be teaching this month. (more on that soon). Then I have a quilt show to go to tomorrow in Ft Myers and retreat coming up next week -hooray.

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Beth @ The Quilt Ladies said...

I Love the butterflies, thanks for sharing.