Thursday, February 11, 2010

button - button Thursdays

Who's got the button?
Do you like buttons?
Do you collect them, use them, display them?
Do you have oodles of buttons or just a modest few?

I love a good button collection. When my mother-in-law passed away about 9 years ago I inherited her button boxes. I have one tin from her with mostly white and mother of pearl buttons, and then a small cigar box that is filled with all sorts and sizes and snaps etc.

Then recently, sadly, my friend Marti's mother passed away and Marti generously gifted me her mothers button tin. I am still delving into the tin and discovering new buttons each time.

I am going to come up with a unique project for some of these fabulous buttons so they don't languish their existence away in a tin.
In the meantime I am going to declare Thursdays here "Button Blog Thursday" and share all things buttons with you. This weeks button blog is for Marti...... with a big button thank you!


Pattie said...

Sadly I have a modest few buttons, I would love to have lots, but I just don't have the money.

Darlee Byron said...

Oh yes, I love buttons, too. I have recycled them from old clothing, been given them as gifts, and bought them.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love buttons and have very, very few! Love to see yours.

Carrie P. said...

What a fabulous collection of buttons you have. I saw the other posts about them. I have been collecting them when I go antiquing.