Thursday, March 11, 2010

all buttoned up......

I was busy last weekend at our annual quilt show.
When I wasn't busy shopping, visiting or gazing at quilts I did remember to snap a few pics to share with you. I am so bad at remembering to take pictures when i am out running around. I guess I must not have what it takes to be a photo journalist! Anyway here are a few highlights that I captured.... This gorgeous whole cloth quilt by Joyce Novak won best hand quilting with good reason! Her quilting is beautiful and so is the quilt. The feathered cables are stunning. congratulations Joyce!

This is a detail of a quilt by Betty New and her exquisite machine quilting. This was done free hand on her regular sewing machine! She is truly amazing. You keep wowing us Betty!
This quilt is an adorable mini quilt made with felted wool. it was from a commercial pattern (Primitive gatherings) and this one was made by Peggy Johnson. She did an excellent job with all the tiny pieces and details which is why it is wearing a blue ribbon.... speaking of blue ribbons here is another quilt that Peggy made that is also sporting a blue ribbon, but this one is bed size and beautifully appliqued and beautifully hand quilted.
It may look familiar to some... it's made from my pattern "A Florida Album" but Peggy adapted it by adding setting triangles to the blocks and also adding solid blocks and enlarging the borders to make it big enough for her bed. I saw her working on this at retreat some years ago and was excited to see it done and in our show.

This I thought was a cute quilt. The embroidery is really nice and the colors remind me of a French farmhouse kitchen - not that I've ever been in a French farmhouse :) This was made by Jacky Hargreaves and it is sporting an Honorable mention ribbon.

Here is a detail from a quilt made by Jo Anne Powell. It is the alphabet done in Fraktur with a brush and is beautifully done. The quilting is very nice too. Well done Jo Anne! Love it.

We have such boundless talent within our guild..... this stunning orchid quilt was made by our show chair person Veronica Von Zwehl. She is an accomplished art quilter and I am always waiting to see what she will create next. She had numerous quilts (with numerous ribbons) in the show.

This mark Twain portrait quilt was made by my friend Naoma. This is her first portrait quilt - awesome job Naoma, I didn't have to read the label to know it was Mark Twain! 
She also had 2 small Baltimore Album quilts in the show that were wearing blue ribbons but alas the pics didn't turn out, but trust me they were lovely.

Here's a birds eye view of the show... pardon the window grid in the foreground.

Here is the mini-quilt auction in progress. We make mini quilts, etc. and auction them to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Our auctioneer is a lot of fun and a good sport. Here he is auctioning off an art bra. A first for him.

This is the mini quilt I made for the auction. I adapted it from my "tealightful" quilt pattern.
So another quilt show is buttoned up.....(see how I snuck button-button Thursday in ~  LOL) and congrats to all who entered their quilts.....ribbons or not.... thank you for sharing your art and your passion to awe and inspire others to pick up a needle and thread and create more wonderful quilts to share.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Such beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Peggy said...

Linda, you're pictures of the show are great. We have so many talented women in our guild with such varied talents. Peggy Johnson's "A Florida Album" was adorable. She certainly did justice to your pattern. Thank you so much for sharing.

Peggy Simmons