Monday, March 29, 2010

swamp thing

I finally downloaded the pictures from my week of goofing off while my parents were here visiting and thought I would share some with you. I won't bore you with them all but I thought you may enjoy seeing a few.
I must say that I was inspired anew after getting out and playing tourist in my own town. I guess we all tend to get too comfortable in our surroundings and it's a good thing to view things through the eyes of a visitor for a fresh look at the world around us.
Let's head into the swamp......

I never tire of seeing these majestic cypress trees. (below) That's a small strangler fig that is wrapping itself around this cypress tree. This is in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. I love this place and we try to go a couple times a year at least. The scent of the swamp is so primordial and unique.

hmmm, is this where the swamp thing lives?????

 This snap was taken outside of Clyde Butcher's gallery in the Everglades.
Those are cypress knees that are sticking up out of the water like little castles.

The snap below is of a root from a large strangler fig. 
It reminded me of a concrete curb, don't you think?

Gator bait????
This was one of about 5 alligators that had come out into the sun to warm up from the cool morning. This guy was almost a bit too close for comfort but perhaps he had already had breakfast or was still too cold to be very active. Lucky for us.

On our way back to town we had to stop and take a snap of this post office. I've gone past it many times. This is the smallest (still operational)  post office in the United States. It is in Ochopee FL.
Isn't it adorable???

I hope you enjoyed this short excursion into the swamp.
Later this week I'll share a few vibrant scenes from the botanical garden visit along with the new giveaway announcement....finally.

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