Sunday, April 18, 2010

plum crazy!

Those crazy squirrels are at it again! Well, okay we may encourage them a bit.
We finished off a jar of peanut butter (yes, making cookies again) and we thought the squirrels might enjoy cleaning out the jar.....we were right.
I missed getting our buddy "Spot" while she was enjoying the jar, but I was laughing too hard to think about the camera. This other little fella came along and was more than happy indulge while being photographed. Needless to say there were some skirmishes going on over the jar. They are just plum crazy. Speaking of plum crazy...

Our neighbor called ( no - she's not crazy) with some water heater problems and so my dh and I  headed over to check it out. While we were there I noticed some fruit of some sort on one her large trees that I hadn't seen before. Turns out they are Japanese plum trees. I've never had Japanese plum...are they tasty!!! I am now plum crazy! (not exactly a state secret)

She sent me home with the ripe ones we could reach and told me to come back for all I want as they ripen. I will surely take her up on that.
It also seems my dh got her water heater working again. Yay!
It's been a rainy day so far and so no sun printing for me today.....I did put some printed squares and kits up for sale in my etsy store.
I guess I will do some dusting - oh fun - and some laundry - more fun - and then hopefully get into the studio for some stitching time. Oh - here's some more craziness....
Look what my hubby found out in the garage while he was cleaning up out there.
Yikes -  it's a black widow spider, now deceased.

Thankfully our garage is away from the house and I have never seen one in the house - you would have heard the scream. Well, enough craziness for now, I need another yum yum plum.
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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I've never seen Japanese plums before. They look like they are juicy.

Silly squirrels. I bet it was funny to watch them going after the peanut butter.

Thanks for posting about my give a-way :)

cathi said...

I wish you would quit showing that damn spider!!! First on facebook and now here!! YUCK!!!!!!! So your other blog readers will understand that i am a friend and not some stranger yelling at you, i'll add LOL---BUT quit showing that damn spider!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

Okay little Miss Muffet - no more spider pictures -- this week LOL

cathi said...

thank you so much, linda!! BUT i do love the squirrel pictures!!!!

Sandi said...

Those squirrels are funny! The spider ..... not funny! Yuck! I just noticed that your friend, Cathi, doesn't like it either. LOL! Show more squirrels. ;-)