Friday, April 29, 2011

part 2 - Cathi's summer art camp our fabric has been sitting in plastic bags with all manner of rusty things, and hopefully it is becoming fabulous. I rinsed out my two smaller pieces that were scrunched up on the cookie sheet by the end of the day Saturday and they had already been sufficiently rust dyed. I used a white on cream fabric and after rinsing it out I laid it in the sun to dry and then stenciled over it with this cool timepiece stencil  that Karen got from Karen Pharr Studios, a vendor at our recent local quilt show. I used a brown/bronze color Shiva Paintstik and a stencil brush to stencil the designs.

Linda's rust dyed and stenciled piece

This really cool looking piece is Karen's. This is the piece she wrapped around the rusty piece of rebar. It looks like fish bones or a fossil of some crustacean sort of creature....very cool
Karen's rust dyed fabric
I think she waited until the following day to rinse hers. Karen any insights???? Can't wait to see what she does with pressure. :)

These are the other pieces Karen did and they turned out very cool too.
I really like this one of Karen's too. A lot of depth to this piece.

more of Karen's ..... see the safety pin design at the upper right.
This is the piece I wrapped around the rusty chain and put in a large plastic bag. The fabric I started with was a mottled pale yellow/pink. 

no distinguishable chain links, but a lot of great rust dye.

This was the piece I had setting under the rusty gear thingy....... it was done on a tone on tone fabric.

Linda's gear thingy piece......hmmmm
I don't have Cathi's pix yet. I can't wait to see them. When I took a peek Saturday it looked like they were rusting up good. Will post them as soon as they are available.

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