Monday, October 31, 2011

it was a dark and stormy night......

Well, it was dark anyway. It did threaten rain last night, and after the 3 or 4 inches we got the other day it's a bit soggy out there. Today is gloomy and drizzly, perfect zombie weather, but hopefully the rain will abate in time for all the costumed kindlings to trick or treat to their hearts content.  Our candy supply is dwindling though, hmmm wonder how that happened?

I knew I should have bought the candy we didn't like -  LOL - oh well, guess I may have to run out for more.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Or, maybe the easier question would be, what is your least favorite?

I think the scariest part this Halloween, besides all the zombies, is that the next day brings November already! Yikes!

Tomorrow I also start my new part time employment.
Yes, I will be working and teaching at our local quilt shop, SEW Studio.
They just expanded their retail space and it's fantastic.
I'm really excited for them.
Stop in and say hi if you're in the area.

Happy Halloween and watch out for those zombies, they seem to be everywhere..........and they steal candy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

don't swoon......

I don't want anyone to swoon by posting again so soon but I have a little time before calling it a day...
Back to our latest quilt retreat.... My friend Peggy had made some pretty Christmas ornaments and when she came back from lunch one afternoon one was missing....

 There was however a ransom note on her table....
                     (it reads, "Your ball is mine, leave 5 bucks on piano")

Poor Peggy was beside herself and after much finger pointing, hand wringing, and contemplation, she decided not to call the authorities, but to pay the ransom of 5 bucks to get her precious ball (ornament) back unharmed.....

here's the piano with the ransom demanded....

                                                 5 bucks !!!!!
                                 Peggy outsmarted them......

What can I say, she's a shrewd one that Peggy. She did get a confession from the culprit, but they were still trying to locate the ornament last I heard......

On that note I am calling it a night...sleep well

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deja Vu all over again....

 I am happy to report that the lights are back on.  LOL
Since my last posting of July 22nd, (OMG not kidding) the lights again went out Tuesday night when our latest storm rolled through.
Now however, we are thoroughly enjoying the cooler temps here in South Florida. Only in the 70's today!
So where have I been all summer?????
It's been a bumpy road....

 it's a long story that I will edit extensively for your sake.

I had been feeling increasingly tired, and lackadaisical, along with a whole host of symptoms that kept piling on since late spring.
After several visits to several Drs. I finally found out why. I have thyroiditis.
The good news is I will be fine and I am feeling better than I did.
I am at least getting my energy and concentration back and will now try to keep up my blog once again and get back to visiting my favorites.

I did go to our summer quilt retreat over Labor Day weekend and took a few pix to share....

My dear friend Cathi is always prepared for fun creative play and this retreat was no exception.
She brought along tons of fun tools for creating journal pages.

lots of fun stuff to play with!

She and my friend Karen have started playing around with creating art journal pages and for a change of pace during retreat I gave it a try. It was fun getting paint all over, we finger painted some, but alas I didn't want to pick up my camera then.
Here are a couple of their pages. I still need to shoot mine.....
this is one of Cathi's pages

one of Karen's pages

unfortunately my camera dies just before retreat and I picked up a cheapie at the drugstore. It is very touchy and I didn't get a lot of good pix. Karen decide to try her hand at making a quilt ala Susan Carlson from her book Serendipity Quilts. She decided to make the sun project and needed lots of yellows and oranges. Can't wait to see it finished. Susan's book and quilts are really stunning. If you haven't seen them check them out here.

Here's the start.....just call him "Ray"

Well, I need to pop over to the grocery store before dinner. But I will be back with more....
no, really I will. LOL
There was a ransom demand that took place at retreat, more on that next time.
until then, be well