Wednesday, November 30, 2011

something new - something old

You know the feeling... the feeling you get when you finally put the finishing touches on a quilt you've been making or a room you've been decorating, or even a junk drawer that needed cleaning.
I have just finally finished up an exciting project that I have had in the works since the summer. It is such a nice feeling to have it all come together.
I'm guessing that you have children or grandchildren that you love to make things for. Of course we love to make gifts, that's all part of being a quilter/crafter, isn't it? 
This new pattern is a wholesome toy and quilt all rolled into one.
 Color My Garden.... is a pattern for a playful, interactive quilt that includes a pre-printed fabric panel with 11 fruit and veggies for kids to color with crayons or washable markers, and then "plant" in their quilt garden.
This is easy to make and the instructions are very complete and well illustrated.

I  also added a free download on my site for instructions to make a cute little matching harvest bag for their quilt garden. 

If you want more details you can click on this link or go to my site. I am also going to have a limited quantity of finished quilts available for purchase.

So...what's old you ask.........that would be me!

Actually..... I was going to say the stack of unfinished projects that require my attention. LOL

Of course now I am also working on some Christmas gifts in progress. I have enjoyed seeing that so many people are making gifts again. I know that handmade has always been popular with avid stitcher's and crafter's, but now it seems that even more people are getting into the handmade spirit.
I am happy to see the next generation finding their way to handcrafts and foodcrafts. I believe that taking the time to "craft" something is good for us. 
With today's fast pace, "crafting" makes you take a breath and connect with your creative side,  physical elements, and time.

How many handcrafted gifts are you making this year? More than last year or about the same?
How many did you have the intention of making :) ?
Well, I'm going to go work on my gifts so I don't have to use next day shipping to get them there in time :)

play like you mean it....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

giant chocolate or UFO?

Look what I found! Actually my hubby stumbled across it and took me to see it. We didn't see Gort or Klaatu anywhere around so maybe it is filled with chocolate....mmmmmm!

Anyway it's pretty cool looking.
Got a new camera today, an early b'day present from my family so I'll be back to taking more pix again. Didn't realize how much I used my camera until my old one broke. Had a hard time finding one with a view finder.  With sunshine almost every day here a view finder for outdoor shots is a huge benefit. Ended up ordering a gently used one because it had a view finder. It's a Cannon power shot SD770 , and I'm looking forward to putting it to use.
My Dad is an extremely talented photographer and I used to help him develop prints when they were done the old fashioned way, in a dark room with chemical trays. He has a lot of really cool black and white pix from way back that I hope he will put into a book. He along with most the population has gone digital. He really embraced the new technology and I'm very proud of him for that.
This week he is facing complete shoulder reconstruction and I know it's going to be a rough road ahead while he heals. It's hard being far away when you want to be by your family's side. So thank goodness for technology.....because at least we can talk, and facebook, and email. Darn it, why haven't they invented the transporter yet???  Maybe I can hop on this UFO and get there.