Friday, March 9, 2012

feathered friends.....

I guess we might need to hang a for rent sign outside of our new birdhouse to attract some feathered friends, but how cool is this birdhouse.

My friend Cathi gave it to me and it is just so precious.
It's made with felted wool from reclaimed clothing and was made in Nepal. The newspaper packing that was inside was the Himalayan Times ~ no really ~ and it was an english version.
Haven't read it yet.
Anyway, we hung it up on a tree the other day, facing east as recommended by birding sites, but so far we have not seen any little moving trucks show up. We're hoping that perhaps a wren would find it appealing. It is nice and cozy and it's supposed to hold up to the elements for a year. I almost hated to put it outside because it's just so darn cute. But, if a little bird can make it a home I don't want to deprive them.
Maybe if we offer a move in bonus like some pretty thread or other irresistible nesting materials we'll get a taker. We'll just have to wait and the meantime I'm free motion quilting some leaf shapes on a small quilt I made. I should be organizing my tax paperwork but not today.....