Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you like cheddar?

How about cheddar quilts?
On my recent visit to Wisconsin I was fortunate to have been there while the Wisconsin Museum of Fiber Arts in Cedarburg  had an exhibit of antique cheddar quilts.
What a perfect match.....Wisconsin and cheese. 

I loved this exhibit, and snapped off a few images to share with you.

Sunburst  or Wheel of Fortune variation - maker unknown circa 1855

sunburst - maker unknown - circa 1855

Oak leaf and reel - maker unknown - circa 1880's

Lady of the Lake - maker unknown circa 1890's

Lady of the Lake closeup

Great quilts aren't they? Orange you glad you took a look?  hahahaha...couldn't help myself.

me and my lovely mom

my great dad

 I will share more soon, along with some cool shots of the restored barn the museum is housed in, right now I need to go finish packing.
 I am heading back to Wisconsin again... my dad is having some surgery.
Keep us in your prayers.