Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got gunk???

Have you  de-gunked your iron lately, or is your iron sparkly clean? Well mine wasn't and I finally got fed up with the gunky mess. It has been accumulating from all the fusing I have been doing this past year.  I came across this cool product at a quilt show somewhat recently and I bought it hoping it would bring my poor pitiful iron back to it's former glory. It's called Iron Clean by Bo-Nash and just in case you're wondering... I am not getting anything for sharing this with you... other than the pleasure of sharing my results.

Now granted this was a very inexpensive iron. I wouldn't treat a good iron this badly. Anyway, I followed the directions and because it was sooooooo gunked up I had to repeat the steps (just like they said I would). I was halfway through the process when I thought to take pictures, so you can imagine what it looked like before I started. YIKES!

Yes, I know you are asking "don't you use a pressing sheet?" and yes,  I do use a pressing sheet -
well, sometimes :)
Ta-da! Here is the finished result. I am im"pressed" with the results and now that I have the Iron Clean on hand, chances are it won't ever get as gunky as it did. Have you de-gunked lately? What did you use?

Enough cleaning for now and back into the studio to make more models of "Whoo's Hanging Out?" for Spring Quilt Market. Now where's my pressing sheet?????

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Nancy said...

I use an old washcloth and Faultless Iron Cleaner. It's a small tube (2 to a package) and cleans everything up nice and shiny. I also keep the wash cloth handy on the end of the ironing board for quick messes.