Saturday, July 31, 2010

Glamor shot

Even though it has been steamy hot outside, hubby and I always try to make some time in the relative cool of the evening hours to go outside and see who may be out and about. One of our favorite visitors has been making frequent visits lately and it may have something to do with the fact that we just brought home a fresh bag of tasty peanuts!!! This is "baby" the fox squirrel that first appeared as a baby - hence the really original name -LOL 
She is a real hoot and very fast so good pic's are a challenge but I did finally manage to get this glamor shot.

Of course bunnies are always hopping about too.  Actually there were 3 outside my office window the other night but dinner was cooking so I didn't take the time to snap their group photo. This one looks like he's out of a scary movie - ever see "Night of the Lepus"? Google "night of the lepus movie if you're curious.

Living in SW Florida we have our share of interesting bugs too - this critter was making his way across the driveway I thought it was very interesting. It's a Giant Palm Weavil and he must be happy here because we have a lot of palm trees.

Those are this weeks visitors although on rare occasion we have had brief visits by bears, bobcats and even and Emu that came strolling through one day!

Well now I am off to tackling today's to-do list which includes glamorous things like laundry, grocery shopping, packing orders and I believe I have a nap scheduled also. I am also very close to finishing the quilting on one of my small quilts and I want to finish that and get the binding on. I'll post a pic when it's done.

Don't forget you have until noon tomorrow to enter my giveaway for a $60.00 shopping spree at any of the many CSN online stores. All you have to do is post a comment on my July 14th posting to be entered. The winner will be picked tomorrow around mid day by random number generator and you have very good odds of winning! Good luck!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A very low cal recipe that everyone will love...

I just wanted to share this scrumptious recipe with you that my mom gave me, and she's a really good cook - to say the least. She's also a very good hostess. It doesn't require too many ingredients and they are quite easy to find. I hope you enjoy it!

Recipe for life
       serves - all
no stirring necessary
measure 1 cup friendly words carefully
Add; 2 heaping cups of understanding
Add; 4 Tbsps. "thyme"
         5 full Tbps. patience
         1/2 cup warmth, folding in a 1/4 cup of humor

Mix well together and simmer slowly all day long. Serve ample helpings to your family and friends.
Serve with happiness as a side dish or as dessert.
0 calories
0 cholesterol
0 sodium

By the way............. the "U-pick" giveaway gets even better - I received notice that the prize certificate to spend at CSN will be for $60.00 instead of $40.00. (see previous post for giveaway details and to enter) Good luck to all.
I was browsing the CSN housewares store and found these cool kitchen towels with thistles on them! I also spied this really cute orange Rachel Ray saucepan. You could use it for the recipe I gave you :)

Well, I have a few things to go and get done before I dream......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New "U-pick" giveaway

Is it Wednesday already - gosh time sure flies when you're having fun. I have been promising you a new giveaway and I have finally got it all set for you. I meant to post earlier but I came home from work and decided to have fun cleaning the bathroom sink first!

I know, I know, I'm a wild and crazy woman, what can I say.
Maybe tomorrow I will clean off my desk, hmmmm then again, that might be more fun than I can stand!
Well this is going to be brief because I have a pan of brownies that are cooling on the counter and someone has to test them.
Now about the new "U-pick" giveaway.....
This time you will be able to choose your giveaway prize. Just like at the U-pick strawberry fields, it's always special when you can select just the right ones. The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive a $40.00 $60.00 "certificate" to spend at any of the 200 CSN online stores on anything you want!
OMG they have so many stores to choose from, I know I could do some real damage to my wallet  in housewares. If you click on the bathroom sink link above it will take you to their bathroom sink selection - go figure - LOL  So go have a look around and start thinking of what you would spend your $40.00  $60.00 prize on.
Now...... to enter in the giveaway post a comment to this blog post (July 14th) and tell me your favorite household chore. A winner will be chosen by the great and powerful random number generator. BTW, You have until August 1st to post your entry - good luck! Sorry, but this giveaway is only available to those living in the USA.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

lazy day updates

 It's the 4th of July today - Happy Independence Day! This year we're just playing it lazy. It's raining and it looks as though it's going to keep raining. It's a good day to do inside things like watch some tv, nap, quilt, and update my blog!

No this isn't our dog. This is Maggie my brother-in-laws dog. She obviously isn't a morning dog. I took this pic (when we were in Wisconsin for my nephews wedding) and it was about 7:00 am. She is usually quite peppy but this was as active as she was going to get at 7:00am.

This is a pic of me, my BIL and my nephews on my DH's side. You can see Maggie is awake now.

Here is my nephew that got married (my late brothers son) and his bride to be before the wedding...

 They are such an adorable couple and I'm sure they will have a lifetime of happiness together. My brother would be very happy with Logan's choice, she is a sweetie.
Here's a pic of the wedding. It was raining right before the ceremony and then it stopped, and then it started up again right after, and then pretty much rained the rest of the day and evening. However- it didn't put a damper on the day. The wedding was lovely and the reception was wonderful. It was held at a hall/restaurant that is well known for receptions and they have a huge old brass bell above the staircase that they ring for the bride and groom.

This is a pic of my niece dancing against her will LOL. She doesn't like to dance but she had to when the bridal party had their dance.  The bride and groom danced almost every single dance :)
Unfortunately the flash on my camera stopped working - oh-oh low battery.
Here are the newlyweds when they made a stop at our place on their way to Key West for their honeymoon.

Well, if I am going to get that nap in I better get going......
A new giveaway is in the works for everyone and I hope to get it up and going within the week.....If everything pans out it promises to be one you don't want to miss.
Enjoy the holiday!