Friday, January 21, 2011

retreat wrap-up or.... what I did on my winter vacation

Even though it was only 4 nights it did the trick for me. Our semi annual quilt retreats have a way of recharging my batteries or hitting the reset button. Our retreats do not have any scheduled events, the only requirement is showing up and doing what you want. What more can you ask for?
This retreat was a small one...only six of us instead of the usual 8-10 and though we missed our friends we thought of them and hope for their return next time.
I didn't get the camera out as much as I should have.  I guess I was too busy stitching and giggling, but here's what I did get.
 Marti brought along some UFO's to work on and these are her twisted sister blocks. Fun fabrics!
She also brought along her Christmas Tree quilt to bind. I love this quilt and want to make one for next Christmas.

 Then Marti showed me a fun easy fractured 9 patch block to use for one of the 
charity quilts I'm working on.
Begin with a 9-patch with any size squares you want. I am using fabrics that were donated to our guild for this purpose. Stitch together and then cut the finished block in half in both directions. Then play with the layout and stitch them back together.  If you need a quick and easy block this is a great one.

This shows two fractured blocks side by side. notice the secondary patterns you get.

Sandra was diligently working on her bed size 9-patch quilt for her bed. She only had 1 row to go when we left and it's going to be gorgeous!

Karen worked on several things... she finished binding her mini that she made last time. What a super cool quilt.

 She also was working on her Lorna's vine applique quilt that she is making with Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics. So pretty.
We did get invited to a trunk show by Quilts on Plum Lane that another large quilt retreat group was having while we were there and so we got to enjoy the presentation and some shopping. The owner had some beautiful hand dyed wools that she does herself. Had to get some to bring home and Karen made an adorable pin cushion with hers.

Cathi was working on several things but I only got pics of these fabulous little pieces she created.
I just love her color choices and I can't wait to see them finished ...... wink,wink.

Bonnie also had several things going and here she is appliqueing leaves and stems onto a stunning black and white quilt she started. She's stitching so fast her hands are a blur....
she also started making a gazillion triangles for a tree of life quilt. It's going to be awesome.

I made this charity quilt with donated fabric, a lot of it was Lily Pulitzer scraps. I thought I would tone it down a bit by adding the yellow LOL
I hope it brings cheer to whoever receives it.

I was also designing a new project for a pattern in the's a sneak peek

Marti was nice enough to teach a yoga class for us during our stay, it was very nice and very relaxing.

Our last day turned out to be a gloomy rainy one and poor Sandra got trapped outside while moving her van and a large branch came down on top of her van. Fortunately neither she or the van was hurt. The van saved her and the luggage rack saved the van. 
The arrows show the start and end of the branch her van was under the middle.
It just missed Cathi's rental - whew!

the remaining branch debris

So eventually we all packed up and headed home, some of us with finished projects, some of us with more UFO's, but all of us with a weekend of great memories and time well shared with friends.
Can you tell how sat here????
Wish you all could have shared it with us

Monday, January 3, 2011

resolutions and best intentions

2011..... it's a brand new year, you'll use a new calender, write a new year on your checks, turn another year older, maybe clean a few closets and even make yet another round of New Year's resolutions.
Not this girl, not this year! Don't get me wrong....I could come up with a ginourmous list of resolutions like....
keep up with my paperwork
finish a project before starting another ~ LOL
go through all the old Christmas and greeting cards I've saved
organize all of my photos (on disk and on paper)
keep in touch with everyone on a more regular basis
have more parties
clean out the closets
take more chances
get to bed earlier
get involved in something larger than myself
stop procrastinating...... etc. etc. etc etc. etc. etc. ........

The problem with resolutions is we so often fail to keep them. Well, at least I know I do.
So this year I will not make any resolutions, but I am going to do my best to fill it with family, wonderful friends, worthy pursuits and unbridled optimism because that's the kind of year I'd like to have.

Wishing you all the best for a Happy, Healthy 2011