Thursday, February 3, 2011

color my world....

Well ~ at last my DH and I decided on a new color for the kitchen walls.
Gee, you'd think I was making decision with global implications for as long as it took me to choose a new color. There were paint color samples all over the place.

Here's the boring before..... yawn....of course this was after the ugly wallpaper came down.

here's the change in progress....

and the all done....

Anyway we decided to be brave and venture out of the comfort zone with this choice. It's not really aqua and not green either but somewhere in between. It's a little darker than the pics show.
It's a nice compliment to the terra cotta color of the floor and the straw colored countertops. The first couple of days when I walked around the corner into the kitchen it was like - WOW - but we like it. Now we just have to get some new wall art and decor  to complete the new look. I came across a modern leaf print at the All Modern online store. I like that the print is only 12" tall so it would fit in the space under the cabinets.
I'll have to ponder on that a bit longer ~ LOL