Thursday, June 16, 2011

do you have any three's?????

Go fish...........we had a whopper of a storm roll in last night and lost power about 7:30. Of course.....just before I was going to make dinner. The winds were ferocious and brought down some large limbs and toppled our ginormous potted cactus on the deck.
before the storm

 After digging out our battery lanterns, battery radio and battery fan, we dug out an old deck of cards and played "go fish".
Mind you it has been forever since we've played and we had a good laugh over trying to remember how to play. I think we had it quite wrong. Oh well.

 After fumbling through a few rounds of "go fish" we moved on to playing "war". This time I had to make some calls (phone was still working). I called my SIL and she googled "war" for us. We each won a round of war and then we decided to walk down to the street to see if we could see any power repair trucks.
Turns out a very large pine tree had fallen over the lines and snapped a power pole in half. The lines were across  the road and some of our neighbors could not get past and we could not leave to go out.
we knew the power wasn't coming on anytime soon and so peanut butter and jelly was served by lantern light, how romantic  :)
We were very thankful for the rain and it cooled things down nicely so it wasn't too hot to sleep. Summer in Florida is not where you want to be without air conditioning :(
Living in hurricane land we are prepared for bad weather,
I even have a treadle sewing machine for emergencies such as this, but I toughed it out (LOL) and the power came on this morning around 9:30.

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Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Summer in Florida without air conditioning is brutal. Glad to hear that the rain cooled things down for awhile. I bet you were doing the happy dance when the power came back on.

Growing up we used to play cards all the time. I lived with my Grandmother and she really enjoyed playing cards. Unfortunately she taught me her own version of all the games though. When I met my Husband and we started playing cards I found out how much different I was taught than he was. Thank goodness for the internet lol.