Wednesday, January 4, 2012

go green in 2012....recycle the new year

Happy New Year!  Did I make any resolutions for 2012?  Well..... I decided to go green this year and recycle the ones from last year. Why waste time and energy making new ones when the old standbys are at hand and can be pulled out and used again? If you used up your resolutions from years past, then by all means get some shiny new ones and embrace the feeling of a fresh start, I applaud you for it.
But if you have some to recycle - go green in 2012.

I did start my recycled resolutions early though. My dh and I cleaned out our utility closet BEFORE
January 1st!
Must have hit my head that morning or something, but sure enough we dove in to the scary abyss and before we knew it, lo and behold we could find things again. I am unashamedly sharing the before and after pix with you. I think you'll figure out right away which are the before and after, hahahaha. Perhaps it will inspire you, or are your closets already spic and span and well organized? Be honest,  I'll like you anyway if they are. :)
Now I just need to think about the other 6 closets - but I have all year don't I?

Wishing you a very Happy New Year - recycled or not
pretty scary isn't it?

what in the world?????

a bit of an improvement don't you think?
the seal of approval form my helper hubby