Friday, February 10, 2012


You've heard of zentangles? I love a good zentangle but my tangle is a different sort.... I have thread tangles! Yikes - I am packing for quilt retreat and my thread stash is in sorry shape. I think it's time to get it sorted out and untangled, don't you? Granted this is just the tip of the iceberg - I have multiple thread stashes, and they all need attention.  Do you you tame your thread stash, or do you let it do it's own thing?

I am really looking forward to retreat, no news there, but I am having a hard time narrowing down what I want to work on while there. Right now I have waaaaaayyyy too many projects in the take along pile.
Such as......
I have a charity quilt to machine quilt, a table runner all cut out and ready to stitch, some foundation papers for some mini quilts, a new travel tote design I am working on, some red and white fabric for a concept quilt, a small piece that I am need to finish hand quilting, fabric for a crib quilt, and........
I think that's all I have packed so far.

No, I am not staying a month, only four days, but with no cooking, errands, work or cleaning etc. I paln to make the most of it.

I did make a garment this week (gasp) I picked up a pattern for a short sleeve cowl neck top and I had some ancient fabric I figured I'd try it with. It's a knit and it actually turned out pretty good, it fits, and it was easy and quick. I'll probably wear it to work tomorrow.
 I also made some bolt tenders for work ( I work PT at a quilt shop - of course) These are for shoppers to mark their stacks of fabric they want cut so nobody takes them before they're done shopping.

Well, back to my tangles.........and my decisions......