Wednesday, May 15, 2013

save your favorite tops and t-shirts from this terrible fate......

Surely, I am not the only one that has had this wardrobe tragedy befall them.

Have you noticed small holes that mysteriously appear on the front of your knit shirts? Especially t'shirts or tops that tend to be more closely fitted? 

At first I figured it was the quality of the fabrics in the shirts I was buying, and to some degree that is true. But still....why are all these little holes appearing toward the bottom of my knit tops and t-shirts?

See here.....

 and here....

How annoying!
I finally figured it out, maybe you have already and I've just been slow on the uptake.

In a perfect world, this is what the waistline of jeans and shorts should look like......
nice and smooth and flat.

But most of mine, and most likely yours too, look like this next picture. The top corner by the button- hole curls over and sticks out.  That's when I finally said A-HA,  there's the culprit that is ruining all my shirts prematurely. The stiff, curly corner on my jeans and shorts are wearing little holes in the shirts!

Grated if I spent more than $20.00 on a t-shirt it would take a lot longer to happen but eventually those tiny holes would appear I'm sure.

Linda has found the culprit of the holes in her shirts.  blog from Thistledown & Co

so here's what I did....  I took my rotary cutter (you could use a scissors) and lopped off that stupid little corner. It won't hurt the buttonhole.   I hardly ever tuck anything in, and if I did a belt would cover it. So why not just cut it off? So I did.

the way to keep your pants and shorts from waering holes in your shirts

Then I set my machine to a dense zig-zag stitch about .5 length and 3.0 width. and stitched along the raw edge to finish it. One down and many more to go.
Hopefully this solution will be helpful to you and your wardrobe of tops and t's.

Save yours now, before it's too late.

the solution to keeping your jeans from ruining your knit shirts