Monday, August 14, 2017

A quilt treasure

I am lucky enough to moonlight,very part time, at a really fun quilt shop, My Material Matters. The other day a customer came in with questions on how to repair and wash a quilt that they found in her families home.
When she took it out of the bag and laid it out on the table, I was in for a real treat.
It was a gorgeous antique redwork quilt.
I enjoy handwork, and love to see antique quilts, and I was enthralled with it.

It was in beautiful condition with the exception of some wear on the binding at the top of the quilt and a couple of tiny stains.
As we spread the quilt out more, I saw the date stitched into it......omg 1896! It's a wonder that is in such wonderful condition.

antique redwork quilt

1896 antique redwork quilt.

Not only that, but the stitching was wonderful, and the motifs and phrases were so unique and charming. What a treasure they had. She wasn't sure where it came from. It had a name on it (Edna) but she didn't know who Edna was. My mom's name is Edna, but she wouldn't give it to me....HAHAHAHA.  No really.

She had no knowledge of quilts and so I filled her in to the best of my knowledge. I then happily referred her to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in Cedarburg WI for further information and guidance.

Hopefully she was able to get more expert information and i hope the quilt will find a treasured place in her home, or in the museum.

Thistledownblog, antique quilt

Do you enjoy hand work such as hand quilting or hand embroidery? Obviously this person did!
I am so glad I was there when she brought it in and also happy that it didn't get discarded by the family. Do you have a plan for your quilts after your gone? perhaps it's time to think about your most treasured quilts and document where you want them to live. 

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