Tutorial on design transfer for quilting and hand embroidery

This tutorial will show you how Whisperlite tracer/foundation for quilting, can be used to mark your quilt top for quilting. You can also transfer designs onto your fabrics for hand embroidery using this same method. No need for a light box and great for darker or heavy fabrics.

Step 1.
Place a page protector or piece of plastic over the quilting or embroidery design you wish to trace (to protect the page).

Step 2.
Place the Whisperlite over the design and tape in place.

                                  Embroidery design transfer with Whisperlite tracer by Thistledown and Company 

Step 3.
Using a *blue wash out fabric marker, of Frixion heat erase pen,  trace the quilting or embroidery design onto the Whisperlite tracer. *(always test marking pen on a scrap of like fabric to test if it the marks will disappear.  Also follow all of the pen manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.)

Step 4.
Place the traced Whisperlite onto the quilt top, or fabric to be embroidered, where you wish to mark your design. Pin in place.

Step 5.
Using the same fabric wash-out marker, or Frixion pen,  retrace the design you drew on the Whisperlite The porous nature of the Whisperlite allows the marker marks to show up on the quilt or fabric beneath. see last photo
The markings are now on the quilt or fabric. If needed you can darken any lines if you find them hard to see.  


NOTE - DO NOT use any type of permanent marking pen for any of the steps.

DO NOT IRON YOUR FABRIC AFTER MARKING WITH THE BLUE WASH OUT PEN. Ironing it will set the marks and they will not wash out. Also leaving it in a hot car for long periods may set the marks.  

There you go, design is transferred and you're ready to stitch! 

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