Whisperlite Quilting Tutorials

Build your fabric Collage Quilt designs on Whisperlite;
Whisperlite is a fantastic alternative for voile or muslin, as a super lightweight foundation to build your fabric collages on.
It won't add extra bulk or weight to your collage and it trims away nice and clean.
Here's how you do it...
Simply cut a piece of Whisperlite lslightly larger than your collage drawing. Tape the Whisperlite over your drawing and trace your design onto the Whisperlite with a #2 pencil or washout marker.

Whisperlite for collage quilts thistledown and company
Collage quilts using Whisperlite foundation by Thistledown and Company

Build your fabric collage onto the Whisperlite foundation. Whisperlite is not a fusible product.You will add a lightweight fusible web of your choice to the wrong side of your fabrics. Fussy cut the shapes desired from your prepared fusible fabric pieces. Place them, and then fuse them to the Whisperlite foundation. Once your collage is completely built, then simply trim away the extra Whisperlite from the outside edges.  Now your collage is ready to place onto your background. 

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