Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whisperlite™ - A "how-to" lesson

I just finished packing up an order of my Whisperlite™ product to ship out and realized that now that I have a blog I can show you a "how to" on it's many uses.
Whisperlite tracer is a sheer, lightweight, yet strong material. It's a very versatile product and the techniques are designed to help save you time and frustration. It can be used for marking quilts, as a guide for applique placement and for foundation piecing.
I'll begin by showing you how to use Whisperlite™ to easily mark your quilts or any other fabric projects.
Note that this marking method requires that you wet your fabric afterwards so don't use it on a project that you can't or don't want to get wet.

To protect the page with the design, place a piece of plastic or a page protector over it.
Tape the Whisperlite on top of the design you want to trace. Using a water soluble marker, trace the design on to the Whisperlite. The tracing I am doing here is from my Berry Cherry pattern that was featured in McCall's Quilting magazine.

Remove the tape and place the marked
Whisperlite onto the quilt or fabric you wish to mark.

Pin in place. With the water soluble marker, retrace over the marked design and the marking will come through to the fabric underneath. You may have to retrace more than once if your marker is running low on "ink".

Lift the Whisperlite occasionally to see if the marking has come through to your satisfaction. That's it, your design is marked. To remove the markings follow the instructions for the marker you chose. Most water soluble markings are made to remove with clear cool water. If you are in doubt, test the marker on a scrap of the same fabric.

Whisperlite™ comes in 1 yd. packs or is available wholesale to retailers by the 10 yd. bolt.

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Kwiltsfl said...

I like Whisperlite for applique placement. It gets the pieces arranged in relation to one another dead on every time!