Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finished projects...of all sorts

First of all thank you all for your glad tidings at Christmastime.
I can't believe this week will ring in the New Year! Where-o-where did '09 go?
I am happy to say I have been getting some projects finished up though.
A couple of them were just for fun holiday projects.
The first was an ornament I saw on a Martha Stewart holiday special and so I dragged my DH to the craft table and actually his turned out better than mine. I thought he was using too much glue but alas I was proven wrong. Anyway here is the finished ornament which is made with string, a balloon, glue and glitter. Messy but fun. The next was a little Christmas scene kit that my mom gave to all the "kids". It's made of craft foam and you just have to glue it together and decorate it. It was a fun little project and now sits in the kitchen window and I will think of mom whenever I look at it.

No, I haven't been goofing off the whole time.....
I have also spent time in the studio and finished up a couple of new pattern designs. One is a scrappy little quilt and will be available in January. It's a great project for helping to whittle down your stash to make room for new fabrics! Here's just a glimpse to tease you.

I have also added a couple of coupons to my webstore. One is a 10% coupon for any of the non-stick applique sheets or grip & grip work surfaces and the other coupon is for a $5.00 discount on my Push-button Prints CD. The CD has numerous design collections that you can print out onto fabric or paper right at home on your inkjet printer. You may recall I used one of the prints on one of my project jars. (the left one)
Well, I need to go get busy if I'm going to have those new patterns ready for you in January.
I hope you are all getting in some quality stitching time as well.

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