Tuesday, August 24, 2010

how to traumatize a quilter... day one

I didn't start out with the intention of traumatizing anyone but as it turns out I have.
It all started with a new project of mine that is intended to bring to conclusion, an aging, unloved, and bothersome project.
A couple of years ago I started a new quilt design. I was actually working on it at one of our quilt retreats a.k.a. giggle fest. It is a small quilt and when I was making it I did have my doubts about the colors of some of the 4 patch units but forged ahead anyway.
I finished the top and sandwiched the quilt and then started quilting it using my "Fearless Blonde Quilting" method. This is a technique using freezer paper shapes to quilt around. I cut out a bunch of freezer paper daisies and ironed them to the quilt sandwich and started quilting.

 At our quilt retreats we all share ideas and inspirations and it was suggested more then once that I make daisy appliques to put on the quilt. So even though the quilt was already sandwiched, and partially quilted I went ahead and prepared the appliques and started machine blanket stitching them to the quilt through all layers.
Learn from my experience - do not try to machine applique AFTER the quilt has been sandwiched!!!!
Needless to say it was a real pain in the patuttie trying to wrestle the quilt round and round while trying to stitch down those darn daisies!

I am not one to quit something after I start it, but this project was losing it's luster really fast!
I kept at it and got about 10 or 12 daisies stitched down to that @$^%* quilt top.
It has now been sitting in my closet for about 2 years and has been haunting me.
I pulled it from it's hiding place the other day and decided enough was enough!
I need to liberate myself from this thorn in my paw. This UFO has got to go!
Which brings me to  -  how to traumatize a quilter........
My good friend Marti was painting her living room/dining room and I volunteered to help out one day.
I headed over to her house armed with a variety of paint supplies, trim brush, paint roller, extension handle, and a new addition .....a colorful new dropcloth.
OH YES this quilt is not going to just gather dust in a closet and disintegrate it's going to go out working.
Poor Marti tried her best to save the #@&* quilt. She offered to take out the blanket stitching, the quilting and she even offered to quilt it, if only I would spare it. She was traumatized at the thought of my actions.
I must admit I almost relented, after all I LOVE quilts, all quilts - except this one.
I took one more look at those orange and purple 4 patches, and all those daisies yet to be done and I held steadfast in my mission to be released from this quilt that has been haunting me.
Despite Marti's best pouty face I headed over to the paint area, spread out my colorful new dropcloth, placed my roller pan on top and proceeded to paint her walls a beautiful new green.....

Come on, admit it. Don't you have a UFO project or two that has been haunting you??

 To the faint of heart.... yes, I am going to make up for this quilt destruction by making a new one and donating it to charity. I will post my progress of my liberation from this @&^%* quilt and the emergence of the new.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

are 2 heads better than one?

We've all heard the cliché that two heads are better than one. I know I relish insight from another when I am fraught with indecision.   Well.....how about 3 heads???
We just came across one of our pineapple plants in the yard that seems to be bearing fruit based on that cliché!
This plant is growing very near the spot that the lightning hit a couple of months ago. Don't know if that is what prompted this odd 3 headed mutant pineapple but we are watching it's progress and I will update as it continues to grow. I may have to look up some new pineapple recipes! Has anyone else ever grown a multi-headed pineapple???

Friday, August 6, 2010

Orphan blocks

How many orphaned quilt blocks do you have hiding around your studio?
I was going through some drawers (gosh - they need to be cleaned out) looking for something and came across quite a stash of them. Some long forgotten. Poor things, just sitting in a dark messy drawer dreaming of a home.

When I dug them out and looked through them I saw that I had quite an odd assortment. It was a fun trip down memory lane. I found some that were from an online exchange I participated in a long time ago. There were a few that didn't make it into the finished quilt top. No... it hasn't been quilted yet.
Some were from classes I taught, several were design tryouts and then there were a few that were made to try a new technique, like the cathedral window, never did finish that :)
Not too long ago, I did put a few orphans together with some setting blocks to make a practice sandwich for machine quilting. I find that practice quilting over block seams is better for practice than just quilting on a plain panel of fabric. Odds are that you will be quilting over seams when you quilt, unless you are doing plain borders or a whole cloth quilt.

I have a quilt retreat coming up soon ( YIPPEE!)  and perhaps I will take my poor little orphans along and finally give them a home in a quilt.
So......just how many orphans can you find and what are you or did you do with yours????
My tally from this find was 31...I'm sure there are more lurking about.

play like you mean it -  Linda

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The lucky winner is.....

The lucky winner of the $60.00 shopping spree by random number generator is comment #1- Jen.
Congratulations Jen and it would be fun if you let us know what treasures you decided to buy on your shopping spree. Watch your e-mail for the details Jen, and thanks to all that entered and for revealing your favorite or not so favorite chores.
Frankly, I liked Karen's favorite chore of putting away quilty purchases!

play like you mean it....Linda