Friday, August 6, 2010

Orphan blocks

How many orphaned quilt blocks do you have hiding around your studio?
I was going through some drawers (gosh - they need to be cleaned out) looking for something and came across quite a stash of them. Some long forgotten. Poor things, just sitting in a dark messy drawer dreaming of a home.

When I dug them out and looked through them I saw that I had quite an odd assortment. It was a fun trip down memory lane. I found some that were from an online exchange I participated in a long time ago. There were a few that didn't make it into the finished quilt top. No... it hasn't been quilted yet.
Some were from classes I taught, several were design tryouts and then there were a few that were made to try a new technique, like the cathedral window, never did finish that :)
Not too long ago, I did put a few orphans together with some setting blocks to make a practice sandwich for machine quilting. I find that practice quilting over block seams is better for practice than just quilting on a plain panel of fabric. Odds are that you will be quilting over seams when you quilt, unless you are doing plain borders or a whole cloth quilt.

I have a quilt retreat coming up soon ( YIPPEE!)  and perhaps I will take my poor little orphans along and finally give them a home in a quilt.
So......just how many orphans can you find and what are you or did you do with yours????
My tally from this find was 31...I'm sure there are more lurking about.

play like you mean it -  Linda


Quilt Hollow said...

I've given Bonnie Hunter many of my orphans and she works her magic with them as evidenced last night at guild! Amazing!!

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

Don't know if I'll be working any magic but at least I will get made into something useful.