Monday, November 8, 2010

now back to our quilt....

Okay, enough goofing off - here's the next steps for the Stitch -a-long  with Linda. So far we have made all the blocks, the sashing and the most of the borders. Now we can start putting put it all together. Kathleen is keeping right up...... check out her progress at welcome to my world

Border 1
The first border that gets added are the 4-1/2" x 34" print border strips.
Add one to each end of the quilt. They will be wider than the quilt top so after stitching they will get trimmed.
stitch un-pieced print borders to the ends of the quilt.

Trim off excess border fabric, even with the edge of the quilt.

Piano key borders.......
you may have been wondering what we were going to do with the rest of the strip pieced sets.
It's for the next border on the quilt.
Cut the remaining strip pieced units into sixteen 4-1/2" segments.

cut sixteen 4-1/2" segments

Make two piano key borders by stitching together 8 segments for each.
Press seams in one direction.

Make 2 piano key borders
Stitch the piano key borders to the border you just added on each end of the quilt. 
Press seams to the print.

 Side borders....
On to the last border!
Remember the border strips that you put together in the  October 28th posting .......
Stitch one to each side of the quilt, matching the seams of the border with the sashing seams at the middle of the quilt.

Match seams of border piecing with sashing seams at center of quilt

The ends of the borders will be longer than the quilt so you will trim them even, as shown below......

okay ~ there's the borders but wait we're not done yet.........


savda said...

I am looking forward to see your new post. thanks!
Please take a look at my blog,

Penney said...

I'm trying to follow along with this quilt, but must be missing steps. You say to add the first border to the "quilt". All I have are pieces, nothing sewn for the quilt top. I even went back to prior instructions to no avail. Help!
I'm stuck and can go no further with what I have. Thank you.

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

Penney, I am so sorry. Yes you are right, the assembly of the quilt did not post as scheduled and no wonder you are stuck. The post is now up and it should clear things up immensely.