Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Quilt Patterns hot of the press!

Finally .... here are my two newest quilt patterns I've been promising you. The first pattern shown here, "BFF Dresses and Do's" , uses a fun and easy new technique that I call "swap-liqué" The dress, hairdo, shoe and pet appliqués can be changed any time and a different one put in it's place. How fun is that?
The BFF's (best friends forever) themselves are permanent appliques and the pattern includes traceable faces and full size templates. Use delightful '30's fabrics for the borders and dresses as used in the model, or get brave and pick anything you like. How perfect for any little girls bedroom. This pattern includes 6 dresses, 6 hairdo's, and 2 pets. Watch for companion patterns with even more holiday and seasonal outfits, accessories. pets, and more available soon.
The quilt measures 26" x 41".

The second quilt pattern "Blondies" is one block easy with quick rotary cutting and easy as pie instructions for "Fearless Blonde Quilting". This easy machine quilting technique is an ideal way to conquer your fear of machine quilting. Designed for the timid and blonde alike this technique will not intimidate you. If you are still hesitant to try machine quilting, make the crib size and start there. If I can do it so can you, I'm blonde. The quilt comes in 2 sizes and also has easy pick fabric selection based on values, i.e. light, medium, dark. Lap size is 56" x 70", crib size is 36" x 42".

You can find both of the new patterns on my website or if you're a retailer contact Checker Distributors, Pattern Peddlers, or Quilterswarehouse.

Now I have to get back to drawing board - literally, and finish designing the "BFF" spring/summer/autumn collections and take some pictures of my green peppers that are growing in my earthbox garden.

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Lisalou said...

Your BFF is great! When my cousin gets alittle older I'll have to buy your pattern and make it for her!