Thursday, October 29, 2009

studio design

I have wall envy! This past weekend me and my friend Karen spent a fun day installing new design walls and inspiration boards in my friend Cathi's studio! She has taken over her living AND dining room for her studio and has wonderful wall space that I am absolutely green about. Don't get me wrong, I love my new studio space but OMG look at this great design wall.

The panels are each 8' wide and 6' tall. Of course, she also has some stunning projects to go on her new design wall. Above that she has a small ledge that now showcases two very cool art doll's that a quilt artist friend Cindi Goodwin made. It shows them off very nicely.

Then next to that, we hung two 2' x4' inspiration boards that we covered in a
great neutral fabric. Actually it's from the Deja Brew collection by Studioe fabrics. However, since we've left Cathi has been filling it up with inspiration so the fabric may not be visible now!
The picture is crooked not the boards.

We still have one more project to finish in her studio that is also going to be really great but we ran out of time this session. We had to go out for lunch to keep up our strength. :) We did find a new place for her ruler collection at the end of a bookcase. Much more accessible than where they were. There's just a peek at her neatly folded fabric inventory....more envy!

We also had a lot of help from Cathi's Rhodesian ridgeback, Clancey. He's very good at washing ears and nosing through purses for treats! That's Karen teasing him with ice in a cup.

Can't wait to get back to finish what we started and then it's on to Karen's studio!
Do you have wall envy?


cathi said...

I love the pictures!!! But just so people don't think I have this totally massive wall, each design wall piece is 4 foot wide by 6 foot tall equaling 8 feet wide in total.
You and Karen were so totally BFFs to help me with this. Who knows when it would have been done otherwise! The inspiration wall has a lot on it already, but there is totally room for more inspiration!!!!

Kwiltsfl said...

What a fun day we had! I DO have design wall envy - and organized studio envy! One of these days we'll dig mine out.......

Cathi - give Clancey a milk bone for me!