Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative cravings.....

OMG, I should finally have my taxes finished this week (yes, I know) and then I have plans to do some major stitch-a-thons in my studio. I think my new sewing machine must think I don't like it, as I have not been spending much time with it.

The "season" in S. Florida is always a busy time for everyone, between visitors, extra hours at work, lots of seasonal events, and the holidays. Although the weather is now turning towards the summer heat, I do look forward to the slower pace of summer in Florida. Also find that I am more creative in the Spring & Summer months. I suppose because things are a bit less hectic. Do you have a time of year that you are more creative?
Next week 2 of friends and I will be spending a day at at my friend Cathi's for a day of creative play. We plan on trying a whole bunch of surface techniques. I will remember to take pictures to share with you.
Have you tried any new techniques lately????? What were they???

Check out Leah's (the free motion quilting project ) creative play that she posted recently.

I am also working on a little handmade piece for a giveaway, hint.....if you have grandchildren or little ones at home stay tuned.

Well, I better go back to my paperwork.....groan, because the sooner I am done the sooner I can play!

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Chris Daly said...

I usually set at least one month a year aside for just my projects usually January or February.