Thursday, August 16, 2012

feed your stitching soul....

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of teaching a beginners sewing class to a group of tweens. Only one of them new how to thread her machine and we had 2 projects planned for the 3 hour class.
Yes - a bit optimistic perhaps.
After walking them through the basics of their machines, like turning them on :) we got started....

They ranged in age from 9 to 13 and were very excited to learn. Although their seams would not have passed muster, (some of mine still don't)  they dove in will great zeal and fearlessness. Our first undertaking was a pillowcase - you know the one.... it has the accent between the hem,  you roll it up like a burrito and then finish it off with French seams.

Their fabric choices were delightful, and they all couldn't wait to dress their pillows with them.  I ended up marking the seam allowance on their machines with masking tape to make it easier for them to stay true to the seam and it really helped. The youngest student had to put her foot pedal on a phone book to reach it - she was adorable and did very well.

Several thread jams later ( from not lowering the presser foot) and we had our pillowcase finished and pressed! Just enough time to tackle the little bag pattern. We used the Runaround bag pattern by Lazy Girl Designs, a cute and fun pattern, and to save time I did the cutting out for them as they finished up the pillowcases.

Again, their choices of fabric were cute and they were thrilled that they would be putting in a zipper! It went quite well and needless to say their mothers were more than impressed when they came to collect their daughters - now, real sewers!

It's so fantastic to see another generation of sewers emerge and to watch them discover all the creative things they can do with their new found skills. 

Seeing their enthusiasm energized me and brought back memories of some of my first sewing projects - remember when double knits were de rigeuer? OMG

Please, if you haven't already, pass along your skills whenever you get the chance.  It's not only great for the next gen of stitchers,  it's wonderful food for your stitching soul. Not chocolate chip cookie food, but deep down, healthy, hearty, soul food.

                                           It's Stitchtastic!

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