Friday, September 28, 2012

Quilt til you wilt?

Here at last, are some pics from this months quilt retreat. I am thinking we should maybe call it a quilt marathon rather than a quilt retreat. Many of us end up staying up way past a reasonable bedtime or getting up with the sun to quilt. I admit to belonging in the night owl camp. There were about 25 of us at this retreat and I know I should have taken more pix but I was too busy stitching, visiting and giggling. are some of the fabulous quilts that were being created at "retreat"... enjoy!

Peggy was diligently working away at this stunning quilt. I love the colors in this

Karen was adding piping and binding to her lovely quilt - turned out perfect!

Oh-oh - this was a twin needle I was using to top-stitch a knit top I was making - something went wrong. Oddly, it didn't break, but It should be pointing down not sideways LOL

Debbie put together this pretty blue, white and yellow quilt - Love that color combo

Here's Fran modeling the cool scarf she made - now we just need some weather below 70 degrees!

Here's Fran's amazing quilt she made for someone's wedding  - lucky people.

Truly a labor of love.

Linda B - (on right)  made this stunning quilt top after changing the design numerous times - also a gift for someone lucky.

Karen's fabric collage project "Ray in progress and looking fabulous!

Dear Marcia - she traveled all the way  back from her home in the northeast just to be here with us and quilt. She taught many in our group how to hand applique. She is a joy and a treasure - can't wait to see her next year again!

Gosh, love this quilt but now I can't remember who made it. Trying to tell who is hiding behind it, anybody else know?

This is a McKenna Ryan quilt that Jo and her sister Connie were working on together all weekend. They are doing a splendid job- it's gorgeous!

Here's one of our quilter's that resorted to making a sleep mask because her room-mate kept the lights on to read and the light was keeping her up - I snapped the picture when she asked me if it was centered as she was adding the strap - naughty Linda.

Carol was working on her wedding quilt blocks. All her guests signed blocks at their wedding and now she is putting them together in a quilt - she had a lot of signature blocks - it was a big wedding.

Alice finished up this stunning contemporary log cabin quilt top

A few were having word fun with the whiteboard in the room.

Linda F. was working on this awesome quilt - I saw it last week finished and it's really beautiful!

btw, we had 4 Linda's at retreat - we considered going by our middle names to stop the confusion every time someone said Linda.

Aloyse rescued this traditional pieced quilt top from a rummage sale and is hand quilting it. 




We all had such a good time,  it's great to see quilting friends that we don't always get to see much of throughout the year, and it's also very inspiring.  I hope you have a chance to take in a quilt retreat  where you live. Belly laughs are priceless, as are all my dear, silly, quilty friends.


And alas - on our way out the door.... bye, bye  retreat center - until next time......



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