Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simply Thankful Thursdays

It's so easy to let our joy and happiness get hung up and sidetracked by our everyday stresses, troubles, and challenges.
Surely you know what I mean. I know you do.

Unfortunately, there are times that truly horrible things and real disasters do show up on our doorstep, we've all been there, but for this discussion, I'm referring to the mundane, everyday annoyances that can sap our peace of mind - if we let it.

The day the refrigerator dies, your car gets a flat tire, you lose your phone, the electric bill is higher than usual, someone close to you is being snarky, you have 3 places to be at once, your printer is out of ink, you need a root canal..... all  stressful, all very upsetting, and a downright drain to our peace of mind.

To ward off the dread, chase away the gloom, and to put an end to the pity party, I try to remind myself that as bad, as a bad day may have seemed, there are millions of people that had a day much, much worse than mine. 
I admit, this Pollyanna attitude isn't always easy, it can take a lot of practice to perfect.

Without a doubt, I am ever thankful for the really important, life encompassing things, like family, friends, faith, health, food, shelter, freedom, etc.
I also choose to find something small and simple everyday to be thankful for and that can put a whole different perspective on my day. That's what "Simply Thankful Thursday's" is all about. 

Today's Simply Thankful is ......
Time, today I got to spend some quality time in my studio - without any laundry waiting for me.... of course there was some dust trying to get my attention,  but I chose to ignore it.  

How was your day?????  no really???

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