Monday, June 8, 2009

Morning coffee, BFF's & zentangles

My morning coffee even tastes better in my new coffee mug that I got from one of my BFF's.
Don't you just love it !!! A few of us BF's were "chillin'" at Barnes & Noble one Saturday morning and Cathi came back to the table with this adorable mug for me. She said she just had to and I'm so glad she did. She also told us about zentangles. Have you heard of them?
These are so cool and so fun. As soon as I got home I was cutting paper and doing zentangles.
The site explains it much better than I do but it's basically doodling but within a specified space (3-1/2" square) and is quite meditative and inspiring at the same time. The gallery picture on the site are stunning and so not like my first ones you see here. It's something I will enjoy doing to relax and also as design exercises. Beware ~ I think these could be habit forming.


cathi said...

Am I great or what!!! LOL I'm glad you like your cup! I've done a couple of the zentangles---my second is much better than the first, but still not that great! But fun!!

cathi said...

OMG!!! I just enlarged your zentangle to see it better! It is so good--just amazing--I love it!