Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Square eyes

I have square eyes from too much time in front of the computer. No I'm not surfing you tube or blurfing, I'm building my new website which I hope to have up by mid July at the absolute latest.
We'll see how it goes, refer to welcome message :)
At the moment Quilter's Warehouse hosts and manages my site. Even though they have done a fabulous job over the years, it's time for me to manage my own site. I will still have a link over to them but I have so many things I want to add. It will also give me the freedom to make changes and add content very quickly. I am excited and I know even when I get it done I will want to make a bazillion changes but I have to start somewhere.
If any of you have any suggestions for my site and things you'd like to see included please let me know. I would love your input.
Gotta go close my peepers, they're tired.

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