Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grief and blessings

Oh my, In a perfect world, we would only have blessings.

I, along with a good size contingent of other quilter friends, attended a funeral Friday for a friends husband. They had a long and close marriage. I was struck by the courage and strength of her and her family (in obvious grief) who were able (just barely mind you) to share with us all some stories about her husband,their father. As heart wrenching as this was, it was also a very loving tribute. It was a reminder that all that the shared memories, the love and life's lessons will stay with us and we will cherish them,share them and pass them along.
One of my other friends that was also in attendance had lost her dear only sister just a month ago. One can also admire her strength, friendship, and faith that carried her through the service and let her be there for her friend at her time of loss.
The grief is obvious, the blessings are too.
Our friend & neighbor just lost his father to cancer this month, and his wife just lost an aunt.
Two other friends have been diagnosed with leukemia. One worse than the other.
My husbands step mom has a really horrible case of shingles and his dad badly sprained his knee.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Grief or blessing or both.
I do know first hand that along with profound grief comes many blessings, it may just take a little time to see them all.

Wishing you all many blessings and a happy tomorrow.


Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear of all the sadness and grief and worry surrounding you at this time. I hope things get better soon.

Chris said...

I so sorry to hear of the loss and wish you and all you love healthy days (and remissions) ahead