Wednesday, August 19, 2009

B is for birthday

My friend Cathi just had a birthday last week and we have yet to get together and celebrate it properly. By that I mean there should be some cake or something decadent involved and of course there will be gifts and a birthday card and then a good dose of laughs and giggles. As busy as we all are we may have to celebrate at quilt retreat. Yippee!
I confess however that I was a bad friend and forgot to call on her b'day. I was out of town at the time, I remembered, then forgot then remembered two days later. She is a good friend and didn't scold, at least not to my face. LOL
I do have her gift but (don't tell) I still have to get her card. I am finicky about cards and I don't know about you but sometimes when I go in search of a card they all seem to be the same ones I see over and over again and then sometimes you can walk in and find just the right one.
For my friend Barb I made a card and decorated it ala Zentangle style.
She liked it and that's awfully kind of her to say because she makes the most wonderful handmade cards. My mom makes absolutely fabulous cards as well. Whenever I get mail from either of them I know it's going to be a card I keep forever.

So anyway, now I just need to find (or make) the right card for Cathi. Hmmmm.....
Happy Birthday Cathi :)

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cathi said...

I've been blogged!!! How exciting is that! I'm famous! LOL No scolding for a late birthday call--just the promise of a day of fun with all the accompanying hoots and giggles is good enough! Can't wait for retreat---for both the fun time with everyone and MY grand birthday celebration!! We have to give Marti "her" time too!
Thanks for my "blog"!