Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quilt show pictures

This past weekend my BFF's and I went to the quilt show in Ft. Myers. It's put on by the Southwest Florida Quilters Guild. It was a lovely show with lots of quilts to admire and plenty of vendors to shop. The only thing to dampen our day was the rain and frigid temps, which of course they have no control over.
I snapped some pics to share but sorry to say some are pretty bad because I was having a hard time pushing to shutter button with gloves on. Floridians are not used to functioning with gloves or mittens. But I will share the pics that are not too bad.
First and foremost is the very cool red, white and blue crustacean quilt that my BFF Karen made and entered. She does incredible hand appliqué and beautiful hand quilting. It's going to look fabulous in her entryway. This next quit is stunning. It's called "Jewels in the jungle" and was made by Judy O'Connell. She did a beautiful job and added some spectacular bead work which, sorry to say, is out of focus. It is sporting a blue ribbon. Congrats to Judy!

I thought this was a cool idea.... This group has chosen to make quilts based on a poem of their choice. Here are a few....

Ft Myers also has an active group of art quilters and here are a few favs that didn't come out too blurry. This first quilt is called"Eyes" and it's made by Carol Marshall. This fun bright one is "Palm Tree Splendor" by Jean Smith.

This is a very elegant looking quilt called "My Ladies" by Lisa Gorski and then for something more traditional I love this bright orange peel quilt and the very cool corded trim. It's called Rainbow Pumpkin Seed" by Linda Englebrecht.

Sorry that the pics were not better but I wanted to share what I had. I hope there's a quilt show in your near future.

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