Monday, January 11, 2010

New Lollipop quilt pattern release

I just released my latest new quilt pattern and I hope you'll like it.
It's called Lollipop Garden and it was a fun quilt to design and make.
I enjoy working with stripes and plaids and had fun going through my stash picking them out.
The scrappy pieced border is super easy and if you don't have enough stripes and plaids in your stash, then it's a great reason to go shopping!
The quilt measures 40" square and can be made with fusible or hand-worked appliqué.
As always I include helpful hints and tips and the instructions are clearly illustrated.
Naturally, if you want a bigger quilt just make more blocks. The finished block size is 10".
I will be releasing another new pattern in about 2 weeks...busy, busy, busy.
Oops, gotta run, I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven and the timer is going off..
til next time,

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