Sunday, January 24, 2010

Washable markers or sharpies?

Hmmmm, we started out with 8 of us. Who's missing? Someone must be taking a break and it's not Barbara.
OMG, my sides were aching from laughing so hard all weekend.
I don't know, but there's just something about getting a group of friends together and the smallest silly thing will result in peals of laughter. Naturally, posing our feet for this pic became fodder for even more giggles.
We quilted our hearts out, shared great insights, and tried to find our guiding muse for the year ahead. Cathi was our inspiration and leader for our muse hunt - ( I said muse not mouse) for lack of a better phrase.
She saw an article or blog somewhere about choosing a word to define your year ahead and so we all pondered on that until we each had our defining word.
She had also came across a blog about a group of art friends, where at their retreat they wrote inspiring affirmations on each other.
So add 2 +2 and you guessed it.... we were writing our words on each other, each day.
Yes, we used washable markers, but using sharpies could have been pretty funny - not!
We wrote on arms, hands, and legs with abandon. Surprisingly, no one else on the grounds asked us about it. Maybe they were afraid to. I'm glad though because it's hard to explain a collective moment in just a passing phrase. I think I would have just said that I ran out of note paper :-)
Hopefully, our words will empower us through the year or at least until the next retreat.
Thanks Cathi for inspiring us.

Have you defined your year?
Do you want to?

Yes, I did find a word to define mine.
Is un-procrastination a word? LOL Just kidding, that's too long anyway.
I'll share my word in my next posting and you can share yours if you have one.
I think, I hope, we all came away from this retreat refreshed, and with a new found sense of purpose or awareness, and more fond memories of lasting friendships and shared dreams.

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