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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

easy art techniques

Well, this weekend I entered my little art quilt "migration" into our upcoming quilt show. The quilt is named after the theme of the excercise which was the word migration. So whales popped into my head - not literally- but the concept of the gentle giants migrating through the oceans did. The piece only measures about 9" x 11" and I used some simple and fun techniques.....
First I chose the background fabric (cotton) and I wanted to also use some fabulous white silk that I had.
I then cut some whale shapes and arrow shapes from freezer paper to make stencils. I ironed (dry iron) the freezer paper stencils to the fabrics. For the paint I used Shiva Paintstiks and laid down a generous amount on a palette (paper plate). I used a stencil brush to lightly "paint" in the stencils and then added a few accents with a pigma marker. I fused the silk squares to dark blue cotton squares and fused those to the background. I added some hand stitching and French knots with black pearl cotton.
I machine quilted it in a wavy design and I also echo quilted around the arrow shape.
I certainly don't expect any ribbons as we have a VERY talented group of art quilters in our area but I am interested to get the judges feedback.
How many of you have made and/or entered an "art quilt" ?
If you haven't dabbled in art quilting do you want to?
What different quilt techniques have you played with lately???


cathi said...

look at you!!!! very cool!

Quilt Hollow said...

How neat that you have entered a piece of "art" in the show! Where is the quilt show by the way? Best of luck to you!!

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

Thanks :)
Our annual quilt show is in sunny (usually)
Naples Florida and is March 6th and 7th. If any of you will be in Naples it's a really great quilt show. We will have over 250 fabulous quilts and a very good vendor "mall".

Kwiltsfl said...

Awesome! The ladies at the quilt intake table sure liked it. We'll see about that ribbon - you never know.....

Linda/Thistledown and Co said...

I won't hold my breath but I am eager to see what ribbon will adorn your beautifully made crustacean quilt.