Friday, February 19, 2010

take a blond to the museum day.....

If you want a good laugh at my expense, take me to a museum.
I can't believe I'm admitting to this but here goes.
My friend Karen & I wanted to go see the Illuminated St. .Johns Bible voumes exhibited at the Naples Art Museum and the corresponding calligraphy exhibit, we each had a break in our schedules and so hopped over there to see it.
The Bibles are so beautiful and we wished we could turn the pages to see more. What an incredible work of art. If you ever get a chance to see them - go.
The accompanying calligraphy exhibit was also fabulous and included some of the work of the same artists that worked on the bibles. There were also several pieces by renowned calligrapher Denis Brown and many other calligraphers and book artists. I really enjoyed it and may have to go back again.
We then headed over to the Chihuly exhibit. The Museum has several large Chihuly pieces on permanent display along with a Chihuly ceiling but today we found out there was also a special exhibit going on with what they were calling his current work.
Now mind you, I have been to this museum many, many times and I guess I'm just going to have to chalk this up to a blond moment, make that double blond because Karen didn't catch it either.
We were walking around the exhibits and admiring the "new" pieces when I said to Karen "these are all from 1941, why are they calling them new?"
She replied " no kidding" As luck would have it I finally came to the realization (after the second room) that on the title plaques, - we were looking at the year of his birth! OMG...thank goodness we didn't ask the docent why the works were all from 1941.
What can I say...if you need a laugh take a blond to the museum!
By the way.....Dale Chihuly's current works are fabulous and stunning and current!

The pictures here are from another outing to the new Catholic university town of Ava Maria that is only a short distance from us. The two pictures are of the church that is in the town center. It is a remarkable Church (obviously modeled after a bishops mitre).  The sanctuary inside is beautiful but the day my DH & I visited there a wedding was underway so no pics inside to share.

Have fun and read all plaques carefully  :)


joanne lendaro said...

That is funny! Sorry...

Pat said...

hahahaha...I love your blond moment and even though I am NOT blond, I might have had the same reaction to those 1941 signs all over the place!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very funny! And what a beautiful church to have a wedding. Bet their pictures turned out great :-) Thanks for sharing about the museum.